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PT. Alam Sari Interbuana obtained halal certification from the Indonesian Council for Ulama as well as organic certification from ECOCERT and Control Union for various commodities. It is, therefore, that we one of the leading suppliers of organic and halal products from the fourth quarter of 2018. With our strong commitment to export the best quality and maintain the sustainability of Indonesian spices to the International market, PT. Alam Sari Interbuana is determined to become one of the prominent exporters of spices from Indonesia.

In order to achieve our goals, we have dedicated our knowledge, skill, and experience to build a sustainable supply-chain infrastructure that can bring beneficial values to our customers. It is done through collaboration and cooperation with our partners for each commodity traded. We underline our business based on the legalities, personalized manner and mutual trust, apart from the end to end professionalism of handling to our customers' satisfaction. We are highly committed to growing together with our stakeholders to our mutual benefits.

Our Vision

Becoming one of the prominent companies from Indonesia that provides the best quality products for spices and food commodities.

Our Mission

  • Providing the best quality products according to the national and international standards for spices and food commodities.
  • Implementing principles of Good Manufacturing Production (GMP), Good Harvesting and Handling Product (GHP), processing according to applicable standard, legality and in accordance with halal provisions.
  • Developing a sustainable supply chain with the principle of collaboration and mutually beneficial cooperation with partners, in order to increase the value and benefits of products for our customers.

Why Choose Us

Certified Organic EU and Halal

We obtained halal certification from the Indonesian Council for Ulama as well as organic certification from ECOCERT and Control Union for various commodities.


Key activities from purchasing,processing raw material and training farmers group with Standardisation Certified Organic Programs to shipping and sales process goods for EU and US Markets.

Green and Social Responsible

providing social benefits for our farmers family in economic advancement, education, local empowerment and development of youth experiences.

Integrated and Transparent

Our production system have a good cycle, from field to end customers.

Colaborate and Co-operation with Farmers Group

We have establised close collaboration and cooperation with farming communities in several areas .

Some areas such as in north Sulawesi, North Maluku and Maluku are beeing the primary sources for nutmegs , mace and cloves.

Bangka, Lampung ,East and West Kalimantan are the main source areas for the white peppers.

While Kerinci and West Sumatera are our primary sources for cassia vera.


We adopt strictly rule and stringent sourcing policy to ensure the best quality and consistency of our goods various market have diferrent requeirment.

Those market requirement are associated, but not only , with particularly on the mycotoxin and micro-organism issus such as the levels of aflatoxin and ochratoxin.

All of those issues in the food and beverage industry, including pesticides, food safety, food security, biodiversity, labor issues, and traceability.

We also adopt for sustainable sourcing as an effective source for putting sustainability issues on our companies.

Sustainable Agriculture

We developing a sustainable sourcing strategy by tackling a myriad of the sustainability issue of an environmental, social, and ethical nature.

Adopt a sustainable sourcing strategy by building supply, creating competitive advantage, and making money. Our Concept is about creating more values, marketing values, improved quality, supply chain efficiency, and increased productivity.

Our keys are to create new products as a buyer or markets requested, provide opportunities for farmers and our workers on an operational level, creating new suppliers relationship and improving capacities, improving our brand values, risk management, and increasing employee satisfaction.

Call To Action with PASI

Our social benefits programs by providing our farmers family and employees in economic advancement, education upgrading, and local empowerment. Join Us Now!


Our certifications thus are from the Indonesian Council, ECOCERT, and Control Union

Halal Certified

No. 00060090830918

Organic EU

CU 861416

Halal Assurance System Status

No. HS1B8675/092018/ASR

Organic USDA-NOP

CU 861416

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Cinnamomum burmannii Blume


Myristica Fragrans


Syzygium aromaticum


Alpinia galanga


Myristica Fragrans


Piper nigrum




Theobroma cacao


Piper nigrum


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PT. Alam Sari Interbuana

We create and develop a mutually beneļ¬cial relationship with the farmers, as our partner, at the origin in order to obtain a sustainable supply of goods.

We also have a plan to select new farming communities to adopt organic farming practices. This has to be done to improve organic goods production volume to fulfill market demand.

Jl. Tapos Raya No.23 Kebayunan
Depok , West Java,
Indonesia 16457


+62 21 874 5494

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